Difficult Conversations About Race and Gender

How to develop the right mindset, skillset, and learning environment for change

We are living in a charged environment and many people are engaging in difficult conservations about race and gender. While hashtags and book lists have been widely shared on social media, individuals with good intentions may feel uncomfortable admitting their discomfort and their fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. This may limit their ability to participate in the meaningful introspection and discussion necessary to ensure we all move forward in a positive way.

To support those interested in starting the journey towards open conversations about race and gender, we have curated a Learning Journey housed in a private, individually accessible online learning management system. The asynchronous content and self-paced format provide a safe space for exploring this sensitive topic. The journey features game-like modules, which once completed, allow the learner to progress to the next level. This Learning Journey offers lessons in perspective taking, bias, privilege, and more - leading the way towards understanding and engaging in difficult conversations.

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Kelly Watson and Stacey Gordon are your hosts for this interactive learning journey. Kelly is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting, a leading gender equity and inclusion firm. Stacey is CEO of Rework Work and an innovative human capital strategist whose mission is to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management. Together they bring decades of leadership development experience and research on DEI topics.

Learning Journey Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Kelly & Stacey
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Taking the First Step

    Set learning objectives and tell us about yourself.

  • Level 02


    Develop the growth mindset needed for exploration.

  • Level 03


    Learn important skills like Perspective-Taking, Understanding Bias, Reframing, and Direct Speak

  • Level 04

    Learning Environment

    Practice Psychological Safety, Perceptive Listening, Privilege, and Conversation Strategies

  • Level 05

    The Journey Continues

    Tap further resources for personal growth & development

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